Climate Control Systems Inc., has been manufacturing greenhouse automation systems since 1985. Our products lines are the Climate Manager™, Fertigation Manager™ and Fertigation Treatment™ Systems. These 3 flagship products are designed to help growers maximize crop yields and help with water conservation and energy savings concerning commercial greenhouse production.
With major leaps forward in water purification, water recycling and reducing energy consumption, Climate Control Systems is sought after internationally for greenhouse automation technology.  We have dedicated ourselves to produce systems that not only save growers time and money but also conserves the environments that surrounds them throughout the world.
We are proud to achieve these milestones as we see the need for environmental controls increase in the future.  Our systems have been installed in Canada, US, Mexico and abroad.




Climate Manager ™ is an environmental control computer system for greenhouse grown flower and vegetable crops. The system is designed to control  temperature, humidity,  Co2 control, fan and vent control, lighting control, thermal and solar shading control, control for hot water  and steam heating systems and gas or propane fired heaters.



Fertigation Manager ™ is an Irrigation and Fertigation control system for greenhouse flower and vegetable crops, it provides water flow control, conductivity EC and pH control. The software control programs can start the irrigation based on time, solar conditions and soil or substrate moisture sensors. The Fertigation Manager™ controls up to 12 fertilizer injectors and can control up to 48 irrigation valves. It can be expanded to control additional fertilizer injectors and addittional irrigation valves.


Ozone Water Treatment ™ is a complete water recovery and filtration system with Ozone sterilization process for irrigation waste water. This system will provide the greenhouse growers 30% to 40%  savings on water and fertilizer costs.
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