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PROFIMAT Timed Back-Wash Filter 4″

Judo PROFIMAT-AT Automatic Time Actuated Backwash Operation

Model JPF-AT 4"

For cold water applications up to a maximum water temperature of 30C (86F) up to maximum water pressure of 150 PSI (1.034 kPa).

For the filtration / removal of all coarse and fine-grained physical impurities / particulate in the water supply, which are larger than or equal to in size, to the filter sieve pore size.

Backwashing by way of a patented point rotation system without any interruption of the water supply or filtration process.


Automatic backwash generated by a time actuated relay with the following available settings:  hourly/daily/weekly/monthly and a manual over-ride button.  Backwash process using a patented point-rotation system without any interruption of the water supply or filtration process.  Simultaneous cleaning of the sight-glass during the backwash process.  Electronic control system with LED display indicators for operation, alarm fault buzzer and manual over-ride button for backwash start-up.  120/24 VAC plug-in transformer (21 VA), 3 prong duplex box outlet with GFI required.  Run backwash flush connection to nearest drain using an indirect connection.  Horizontal pipe installation.  Flanged connections to ASME B16.1.  Filter is equipped with 2 (two) potential-free output dry contact remote transmissions for building automation system;  Maximum load current 1A; Maximum switching vo9ltage 24V.

Optional sieve sizes on request.



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